I Planned the Best Kashmir Itinerary for 10 days

6 Nights 7 Days Kashmir Itinerary
10 Days Kashmir Itinerary
Day Location Activity
1 Srinagar Arrive, Houseboat, Welcome Drink, Shrine Visit, Shikara Ride, Dinner
2 Srinagar Pari Mahal, Market Visit, Wazwan Feast
3 Pahalgam Drive (Badiyar Village if fall), Aru Valley, Hike, Dinner
4 Pahalgam Rafting, Kolahoi Glacier Hike, Bonfire Dinner
5 Pahalgam - Gulmarg Horseback Ride, Scenic Drive with Kahwa Ceremony, Dinner
6 Gulmarg Gondola Ride, Horseback Riding Adventure, Spa Treatment, Dinner
7 Yusmarg Scenic Drive, Hike, Barbecue
8 Yusmarg - Sonamarg Explore Meadows (yoga optional), Travel, Kahwa Ceremony, Dinner
9 Sonamarg Hike, Village Visit, Farewell Dinner
10 Srinagar Breakfast, Departure

Your Perfect 10 Days Kashmir Itinerary: Discovering Secret Places!

If you are planning for Kashmir you have a come to the right place as i have created Kashmir Itinerary for 10 days! Just hearing the name of Kashmir brings to mind pictures of mountains covered in snow, clear lakes, and a lively culture. It’s a place where if you love adventure, you’ll have exciting times, if you’re into nature, you’ll find calmness, and everyone will find something special.

This 10 days plan is made to be your ultimate helper in exploring Kashmir’s hidden treasures. We’ll avoid the crowded tourist spots and instead take you on an amazing journey filled with stunning views, special experiences, and a taste of local life. And guess what? This plan can change! Whether you love thrills, history, or just want to relax, you can adjust it to fit your interests and how you like to travel.

So, get ready to pack your bags for 10 days itinerary and explore the wonder of Kashmir, away from the usual spots!

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H2: Unveiling Kashmir’s Hidden Gems: Your Best 10 Days Itinerary 

Day 1: Arrival at Srinagar


  • Arrive in Srinagar: When you reach Srinagar, you will be welcomed by the beautiful sights and sounds of the city.
  • Check-in at Nigeen Lake Houseboat: Head to your houseboat on Nigeen Lake. Unlike the busy Dal Lake, Nigeen Lake is calm and peaceful.
  • Welcome Drink: Enjoy a cup of Kashmiri kahwa, a green tea with saffron and honey, as you relax on the houseboat.


  • Visit Hazratbal Shrine: Go to Hazratbal Shrine, an important place of worship for Muslims. It is located on the banks of Nigeen Lake.
  • Admire the Architecture: Look at the beautiful design and enjoy the quiet surroundings.


  • Shikara Ride on Nigeen Lake: Take a peaceful boat ride called a shikara ride on Nigeen Lake. You might see colorful birds like kingfishers and herons.
  • Enjoy the Sunset: Watch the sunset over the mountains, creating beautiful colors in the sky.
  • Dinner Near the Lake: Have a tasty dinner at a local restaurant near the lake. Try traditional Kashmiri dishes like tabak maaz (crispy fried lamb ribs).

Day 2: Exploring Srinagar’s Hidden Gems

Morning: Discover the Pari Mahal for Panoramic Views

  • Visit Pari Mahal:

    • Located on the Zabarwan mountain range.
    • This old palace has beautiful gardens and offers a great view of Dal Lake and the city.
    • The name means “Fairy’s Abode.”
  • Enjoy the Views:

    • Take in the panoramic views of Srinagar.
    • Perfect place for photos and relaxing.
    • Early morning is the best time to visit to avoid crowds and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Afternoon: Explore Hari Parbat Market for Unique Souvenirs

  • Visit Hari Parbat Market:

    • A bustling market full of colorful stalls.
    • Great place to see local life and culture.
  • Shopping for Souvenirs:

    • Look for traditional Kashmiri items like shawls, handicrafts, and spices.
    • Don’t forget to practice your bargaining skills to get the best deals.
    • Many unique and handmade items you can bring back as memories of your trip.
  • Lunch at the Market:

    • Try some local street food like “Kahwa” (a special Kashmiri tea) and “Rogan Josh” (a tasty lamb curry).
    • Enjoy the flavors and spices of Kashmiri cuisine.

Evening: Dive into a Traditional Wazwan Feast at a Local Homestay

  • Wazwan Experience:

    • A special multi-course meal that is a big part of Kashmiri culture.
    • Usually includes dishes like “Rogan Josh,” “Tabak Maaz” (crispy fried lamb ribs), and “Phirni” (rice pudding).
  • Homestay Dinner:

    • Enjoy the meal at a local homestay for an authentic experience.
    • Sit on a “Sufra” (woven mat) and eat with your hands, which is the traditional way.
    • Great opportunity to learn about local customs and traditions from your hosts.

Kashmir itinerary 10 days: Day 3 – Journey to Pahalgam and Aru Valley

Morning: Drive to Pahalgam and Stop at Badiyar Village

  • Start early: Leave from Srinagar to Pahalgam in the morning.
  • Enjoy the drive: The trip takes 2-3 hours, so relax and enjoy the nice views.
  • Stop at Badiyar village: If it’s fall, stop at Badiyar village to see the beautiful saffron fields. The purple flowers look amazing!

Afternoon: Visit Aru Valley and Try Trout Fishing in Lidder River

  • Arrive in Pahalgam: Check into your cozy hotel surrounded by nature.
  • Go to Aru Valley: Aru Valley is less crowded than Betaab Valley, making it perfect for a quiet afternoon.
  • Trout fishing: If you have the permits, try trout fishing in the Lidder River. It’s a fun activity and the river is very pretty.
  • Relax with local kahwa: Find a spot with a nice view and enjoy a cup of local kahwa (Kashmiri tea) to refresh yourself.

Evening: Hike to a Waterfall and Enjoy Local Food

    • Hike to a waterfall: There is a lovely waterfall in Aru Valley. Take a short hike to reach it and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
    • Take photos: Don’t forget to take lots of pictures of the waterfall and the valley.
    • Dinner: Head back to Pahalgam and enjoy a delicious dinner at a local restaurant. Try “waza kokur” (braised river fish) to taste a local specialty.

This day is all about enjoying nature, trying new activities, and experiencing the local culture. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes for the hike and have your camera ready for some beautiful shots!

Day 4: Adventure Awaits in Aru Valley & Kolahoi Glacier

Morning: White-Water Rafting Adventure

    • Start your day with a fun white-water rafting trip on the Lidder River.
    • This adventure is perfect if you love excitement and the thrill of rapids.
    • A guide will be with you to keep you safe and make the trip enjoyable.
    • Feel the cool splash of water and the excitement of moving through the river.

Morning: Hike to Kolahoi Glacier

  • After rafting, get ready for a hike to Kolahoi Glacier.
  • This hike is great for nature and adventure lovers.
  • You will walk through beautiful places, like forests and streams.
  • Wear comfy shoes and bring water and snacks.

Afternoon: Witness Breathtaking Glacial Formations

  • When you reach the glacier, you will see amazing ice formations.
  • These ice shapes are unique and great for taking photos.
  • Enjoy the wide views of the mountains around you.
  • It’s a great spot to rest and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Evening: Bonfire Dinner with Local Folklore Stories

  • End your exciting day with a cozy bonfire dinner.
  • Sit around the fire and enjoy tasty local food.
  • Listen to local stories told by your guide or host.
  • These stories will help you learn about the rich culture and traditions of Kashmir.

This day is full of adventure and natural beauty, making it a special part of your Kashmir itinerary 10 days. Whether you love the thrill of rafting, the fun of hiking, or the charm of local tales, Day 4 in Aru Valley and Kolahoi Glacier has something for everyone.

Day 5: Exploring Pahalgam’s Charm & Heading to Gulmarg 

Morning Horseback Ride at Baisaran Meadows:

  • Ride a horse through the beautiful Baisaran meadows.
  • Breathe in the fresh air and see colorful wildflowers.
  • Look at the amazing views of the mountains while you ride.

Afternoon Scenic Drive to Gulmarg with a Stop for Kahwa Ceremony:

  • Take a slow and relaxing drive from Pahalgam to Gulmarg.
  • Stop along the way for a traditional kahwa ceremony where you can taste the local drink.
  • Learn about how kahwa is made and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Evening Dinner featuring Local Delicacies in Gulmarg:

  • Have dinner at a local restaurant in Gulmarg.
  • Try different local dishes like tasty rice, meat, and curries.
  • Enjoy the delicious Kashmiri food in a cozy restaurant.

Day 6: Exploring Beyond the Crowds in Gulmarg


  • Take a Scenic Gondola Ride: Go on a beautiful gondola ride to Khilanmarg. This place has stunning views of the Afarwat peaks. Enjoy the peace and quiet away from the city noise.

  • Capture Stunning Photos: Click amazing pictures in the serene surroundings. Look at the beautiful flowers and animals as you move up the mountain.


  • Horseback Riding Adventure: Have an exciting horseback ride to the hidden Maharani Temple. It’s surrounded by lush green fields. Enjoy the fresh air and the lovely views.

  • Explore the Temple: Check out the temple area. Feel the spiritual vibes and admire the temple’s beauty.


  • Relax with a Spa Treatment: Treat yourself to a spa treatment at your hotel. Relax your body and mind after a day of fun.

  • Enjoy a Candlelit Dinner: Have a romantic dinner at a cozy restaurant in Gulmarg. Taste delicious Kashmiri food and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

  • Reflect on the Day: Think about your day under the starry sky. Remember the peaceful moments you had today.

Day 7: Exploring Yusmarg’s Meadows & Nil Nag Waterfall

Morning: Scenic Drive to Yusmarg

  • Start your day with a beautiful drive to Yusmarg. Look at the pretty mountains and fields around you.

Breathe in the fresh air and see the bright green plants as you go to this special place in Kashmir.

Afternoon: Hike to Nil Nag Waterfall

    • Put on your hiking shoes and get ready for an exciting trip to Nil Nag waterfall.
    • Walk on the curvy paths through thick forests and rocky areas. Listen to the calming sound of water.
    • Finally, reach the stunning waterfall and see the amazing sight of water falling from high above.
    • Take pictures of the lovely views and feel the peacefulness of nature.

Evening: Traditional Kashmiri Barbecue under the Stars

    • When the sun starts to go down, gather around a cozy bonfire under the starry sky.
    • Enjoy the kindness of Kashmiri people as they cook a special barbecue meal.
    • Eat tasty grilled meats like shab deg (a lamb dish) and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.
    • Share stories and laughs with other travelers, making memories you’ll always remember.

Day 8: Exploring Yusmarg & Journey to Sonamarg 

Morning Exploration:

  • Take a walk in Yusmarg’s beautiful meadows.
  • Look at the colorful wildflowers and tall trees.
  • Enjoy the calm feeling and connect with nature.
  • Try some relaxing yoga outside.
  • Feel the cool wind and listen to birds singing.

Afternoon Journey to Sonamarg:

  • Start your journey from Yusmarg to Sonamarg.
  • See the landscape change as you drive through pretty valleys.
  • Get excited as you near the “Meadow of Gold.”
  • Arrive at your Sonamarg hotel and get ready to see its beauty.

Evening Relaxation:

  • Relax after your journey with a traditional Kashmiri kahwa ceremony.
  • Sip on the tasty saffron tea in delicate cups.
  • Feel the warmth of the tea calming you.
  • Look at the beautiful views from your hotel balcony while you drink your tea.
  • Let the peaceful feeling of Sonamarg surround you as you watch the sunset.

Delicious Dinner Experience:

  • Treat yourself to a culinary adventure with local Kashmiri food.
  • Try dishes full of flavor like Rogan Josh and Kashmiri Pulao.
  • Experience the special spices and herbs of Kashmiri cooking.
  • Enjoy every bite in a cozy restaurant with friendly service.
  • End your day feeling satisfied, enjoying the tastes of Kashmir.

Day 9: Sonamarg’s Hidden Gems & Krishnasar Lake


  • Go on a beautiful walk to Krishnasar Lake.
  • Breathe in the fresh air and see the snowy mountain tops.
  • Take breaks to enjoy the peaceful scenery.
  • Click amazing pictures of the clear water and big mountains.
  • Remember your camera or phone to capture the lake’s beauty.
  • Sit by the lake and enjoy the calm feeling.
  • Think about how wonderful nature is and how pretty Kashmir is.


  • Visit Shutlan Village to learn about Kashmiri culture.
  • Walk around the small streets and see how locals live.
  • Talk to people and learn about their traditions.
  • See how they make carpets, a skill they’ve had for a long time.
  • Watch artists make designs on cloth.
  • Taste local food and see how kind the people are.
  • Eat yummy Kashmiri food made with fresh ingredients.


  • Have a special goodbye dinner at a nice restaurant in Sonamarg.
  • Enjoy the last taste of Kashmiri food.
  • Choose from many delicious dishes like rice and kebabs.
  • Think about the fun times you had in Kashmir.
  • Share stories and laughs with your friends.
  • Say thanks for the good times and promise to come back.
  • Look at the mountains and feel peaceful.
  • Leave with happy memories and love for Kashmir.

Day 10: Farewell to Kashmir


  1. Have a nice breakfast at your hotel, enjoying the last moments of your Kashmir adventure.
  2. Think about all the fun things you did during your 10-day trip. Remember the beautiful sights, yummy food, and friendly people you met.
  3. Consider writing in a journal or taking pictures to remember your trip.


  1. Say goodbye to Kashmir as you go to the Srinagar airport for your flight home.
  2. Look at the amazing views of the mountains and valleys one more time on your way to the airport. Think about the peace and calm you felt in Kashmir.
  3. Remember the good times you had and the friends you made during your visit.


  1. Let’s remember the best parts of your 10 days Kashmir Itinerary. You visited Nigeen Lake, explored Srinagar’s busy markets, and saw the beautiful mountains in Gulmarg and Sonamarg.
  2. Keep exploring Kashmir’s hidden treasures. Try hiking, boating, or learning about its culture. There’s always something fun to do.
  3. As you say goodbye to Kashmir, take with you the warmth of its people, the beauty of its landscapes, and the memories you made. Thanks for choosing Kashmir, and we hope to see you again soon.

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  • 1. How do I plan a 10-day itinerary for Kashmir?

    Start by deciding which places you want to visit in Kashmir, such as Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonamarg. Then, allocate a few days to each destination based on your interests and preferences.

  • 2. What are the must-visit places in Kashmir during a 10-day trip?

    Some must-visit places in Kashmir include the Dal Lake in Srinagar, Gulmarg's snow-covered slopes, the picturesque Betaab Valley in Pahalgam, and the serene meadows of Sonamarg.

  • 3. What activities can I do during a 10-day trip to Kashmir?

    You can enjoy shikara rides on the Dal Lake, go skiing or snowboarding in Gulmarg, take pony rides in Pahalgam, and go trekking in Sonamarg. Additionally, don't miss out on experiencing the local culture and cuisine of Kashmir.

  • 4. How do I travel between different destinations in Kashmir during a 10-day trip?

    You can hire a private cab or taxi to travel between destinations in Kashmir. Alternatively, you can use local buses or book organized tours that include transportation.

  • 5. What should I pack for a 10-day trip to Kashmir?

    Pack warm clothing, including jackets, sweaters, and thermals, as Kashmir can get quite cold, especially in the winter months. Don't forget essentials like sturdy shoes, sunscreen, and any medication you may need.

  • 6. Is it safe to travel to Kashmir for a 10-day trip?

    While Kashmir has faced some political unrest in the past, it is generally safe for tourists, especially in popular tourist areas. However, it's always a good idea to stay updated on the current situation and follow any travel advisories.

  • 7. How can I make the most of my 10-day trip to Kashmir?

    To make the most of your trip, plan your itinerary in advance, but also leave room for flexibility to explore unexpected opportunities. Embrace the local culture, try new foods, and interact with the friendly people of Kashmir to truly immerse yourself in the experience.

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